Music video: ‘Oh Mandy’ by The Spinto Band

The Spinto Band, a six-piece alternative rock band from Wilmington, Delaware, USA, are one of music’s true originals. Boasting a sound which combines a wealth of different instruments, two distinct and talented singers and a live show more hyperactive than Elmo after ten cups of coffee, they’re a tough act to follow and an impossible one to imitate.

Their 2006 album Nice and Nicely Done received a lot of good press upon its release, and rightly so, as it refreshed a music market at the time dominated by the British indie scene and mainstream R&B. The group themselves could not be any more different from those two genres, and their video to single ‘Oh Mandy’ marks them out as uncommon minds, in the very best ways.

Combining live action with animation and special effects, the video seems to be more Michel Gondry than Michael Jackson, brimming with unique ideas and mind-bending style. Not only does it offer a brilliant accompaniment to a fantastic song, but it also seems to sum up the band themselves – loveable, unpretentious and eccentric.

And who doesn’t love a group of guys who can sing with such joy about a mandolin?


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