Daytrotter: it’s awesome

About two weeks ago, I re-discovered a little website called Daytrotter. I’ve collected a selection of things from this lovely website over the last couple of years but hadn’t yet delved into it fully. However, upon doing so, I discovered a veritable treasure trove of musical goodness.

Death Cab for Cutie's artwork on Daytrotter.

For those who are totally unfamiliar with Daytrotter, it’s a music website which hosts sessions for up-and-coming bands and then lets you download these sessions free of charge (after registering – also free). The bands on there are pretty varied overall, from Death Cab For Cutie to Bon Iver to Carly Simon, and the site has a refreshing brand of journalism aswell, with short-ish descriptions of the sessions themselves attached to the tunes they have available for online listening & downloads.

Not only does Daytrotter offer a really cool and easy way of listening to bands you’ve never investigated before or perhaps even heard of at all, but it also throws up some lovely versions of songs you know by bands you love. For instance, the session by former Unknown but awesome subject The Tallest Man on Earth has him covering the Bob Dylan classic I Want You, which many of you will know from Blonde on Blonde. The artwork they provide ā€“ hand-drawn portraits of the artists in question ā€“ is also pretty sick and adds another layer of sweetness to this lovely website.

Anyway, this isn’t a long entry, and neither should it be. Daytrotter is a brilliant website which I cannot recommend highly enough. For starters, here are a few links to some of the sick sessions they’ve had in over the years. Hope you enjoy investigating it as much as I have of late.

Fleet Foxes

Death Cab for Cutie



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