Film I’m Excited About: Fantastic Mr. Fox

The second in the line of FIEA features on here, I’m really getting super-jazzed about the forthcoming release of Wes Anderson’s adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl novel Fantastic Mr. Fox. Released October 23, it looks to be a throroughly enjoyable and original adaptation, and features one of the best voice casts assembled in the history of ever: Clooney, Meryl Streep, Willem Dafoe and Michael Gambon will be joining Anderson regulars like Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray and Adrien Brody on the cast-list, and this is just one of the exciting prospects this movie contains.

The biggest pull for me is undoubtedly the involvement of Wes Anderson, who I solemnly believe is one of the best directors in the world right now. As well as having directed my fourth favourite movie of all time, Anderson never fails to bring wit, charm and whimsy to any production he’s involved in and, as well as being able to attract a stellar cast like the one listed above, his attention to detail is second to none and should really come to the fore in an animated feature.

The animation itself is the third reason this is a movie which is exciting me. Eschewing both the saccharine look of a Disney movie and the hi-tech wizardry of a Pixar masterpiece, the style is moderately similar to a recently-reviewed film on here, Coraline. Its hand-crafted look gives the movie a realistic, tangible quality which can sometimes get lost in films where they play to the animation itself. It’s not a traditionally beautiful style of animation, all jagged edges and rough surfaces, but it promises to add another interesting layer to a picture with many of them.

So put October 23 in your diary and prepare to be thrilled. I certainly am.


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